UX. User Experience Design

Designing UX means designing whole process in order to deliver best possible scenario for user to purchase and use product or process.

What You Do
What You Do
You (the Client) should know – what are you selling, to whom are you selling and how much does it cost
What We Do
What We Do
We research and design Why’s, What’s and How’s of Product or Process being sold or in pipeline

It’s not Marketing. It’s User-Centric approach to motivation, values, features, fuctionality and aesthetics.

People should intuitively feel, see, read and understand what’s this about, what’s it for and how to use it.

Whole process should be well guided and meaningful both to customer and the service, thus strengthening core values of the service, product and brand in general.

Well designed onboarding or purchasing process will have significant impact on both conversion rates and referring business.

All exemptions, upsale opportunities and benefits should be communicated upfront ensuring your customer, he’s in control.

Who do you need?!
Who do you need?!
You need Mature Team of Three Key Ingredients:
– Chief Marketing Officer
– Mature Chief Designer
– Strategy & Assessment Executive