Dedicated WordPress hosting. Lightning fast

What makes your website hosting slow or fast?

– Is your WordPress site optimized?
Code quality, Errors or resource consuming modules can be a huge burden on even performance-grade-servers. We’ve seen many examples of websites being built from third party ready-made bricks and one-size-fits-all ready-made themes, making website extremely “heavy” and consuming both server and visitor browser resources. It has huge footprint on energy consumption, visitor experience and running costs.

– How many Neighbours your site has?
Cheap hosting usually means tens or hundreds of websites hosted on a single physical server. You are sharing server resource with many other customers, thus server is busy serving all of them simoultaneously or in order, which causes slow response or load times for your content.

– Where is your server located?
Most site owners simply have no idea – it’s somewhere “in the cloud”. A cloud of virtual servers built on dispersed physical servers all around the world. Think about it – how far is your site located from your market? It takes many operations and “hops” between network gateways to deliver your site, piece by piece to your customer.

Why having a slow site is bad?

– Bad user experience
Your customers simply hate waiting. Slow site means less business, simple as that.

– Bad Google Page Rank
Google cares for visitor experience. Google has to deliver best. Slow sites move farther down in search results.

– Bad Energy Footprint
Slow sites, poorly programmed sites or dispersed sites with many network calls consume more energy and their lifetime energy footprint is horrible.

Step 1

→ Open Google Search. Type “Google speed test” in search box. Enter.

Step 2

Open Link with title “PageSpeed Insights – Google Developers”

Step 3

→ Type your website address and wait for Desktop & Mobile results

Step 4

→ Paste this web page URL webaddress and compare results

  • Before you start, consider what’s most important for your site. Sometimes it is speed, sometimes it is functionality and sometimes it is the quality fullscreen images. It will affect loading speed.
  • Your site might require updates or ease/removal of resource consuming modules in order to be prepared for transfer.
  • We use Advanced Caching, which might not be recommended for sites with live dynamic content, like stocks or real estate listings.
  • We provide SSL https Certificate for your web site domain name, included with our Service.
  • Your Web Site will have Daily Backups with Restoration option as far as one week back.